Principal's Desk

“Nothing is more rewarding than the opportunity to shape the minds and lives of young children.” 
 Without dreams there is no hope and without hope there is no progress. Children are encouraged to aim high and guided to do their best in everything. Activities within the classroom and outside seek to make education an enriching and enjoyable experience, synthesizing the best of teaching practices with India’s rich heritage. The focus is on nurturing creativity; observation, inquiry and critical reflection; building confidence and self-esteem; shaping character and inculcating abiding values of tolerance and compassion; appreciation of diversity and internationalism. These attributes are vital for children’s success and global progress A well-rounded education is crucial for children’s wholesome development. The school facilitates this by encouraging students to participate in sports and games, cultural events and performances, annual days, educational trips, integration programs, interest fairs, special assemblies and celebrations, and similar innovative and enriching activities. Devotion, colour and rhythm of each and every festival and activity is embedded in the young minds in such a way that they will set up a whole positive society. Children must grow up with a sense of care and concern for society and the environment. This is because education is about going beyond the call of the immediate. It is about recognizing the needs of humanity. The school encourages a wide spectrum of activities including service to the community through the Creativity, Action and Service Programme. This spirit of caring is resonated in the school’s efforts in the backward areas through the Interact Club. A school is what its students achieve. The students have done exceptionally well in the C.B.S.E examinations, and gained admissions to prestigious colleges/ institutions.

Uma Shyam

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