“Pre-Primary is a welcoming place that engages  each child”.
This is the stage where a child or a small kid is introduced to education and schooling. In the light of emerging needs and new development in preschool education, the curriculum is holistic, developmentally appropriate, indigenous and most important play and activity base. It is a phase of introducing children to fundamental learning through the use of a medium that is engaging,less straining and more recreational in nature. We recognize this need and realize that the child`s time spent with us is important to initiate his holistic growth. It lays a strong learning foundation and plays a pivotal role in preparing kids mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially for their formal schools and life.
The preschool is classified into two stages
 Junior Kindergarten (Jr. KG)
Senior Kindergarten (Sr. KG)
Children of 3 to 4 years of age are said to be in Junior Kindergarten, and children of 4 to 5 years of age are classified as Senior Kindergarten.
The classrooms are hubs of well planned activities that enable, empower and encourage young learners towards creative thinking. By following an easy-to – understand and interesting curriculum, our teachers strive to ensure that the learning process is enjoyable and beneficial for the toddlers. We aim to instil the right values, cultivate young minds, and encourage them to discover their true potential. We also focus on key skills like cognitive, motor, emotional, and social, ensuring their mental growth and make them curious and confident learners.
The following subjects are taught:
ENGLISH ( Language Skills)
MATH (Number Skills)
Hindi language is introduced with the help picture recognition Swar and Vyanjans
We equip students with the following skills and design our activities to promote them. *Classification Skills *Conversational Skills *Drawing Conclusion *Experimenting *Identifying Patterns *Motor Skills *Social Skills *Observation and Recognition Skills *Ordering and Sequencing skills *Sorting and Classification *Thinking Skills *Cognitive Development *Kinesthetic Skills
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