The school is proud to have provided through the 25 years of its existence, the foundation to many of the alumni to build successful careers and more importantly to become worthy global citizens.
Many of the alumni having made remarkable contribution to the society as industrialists, doctors, lawyers, actors, writers and entrepreneurs.

Alumni Registration

We have enjoyed our association with you and our participation in your growth and development. Your achievements have been our reward.
Having nurtured and reared you during your fruitful years with us, we have a continuing interest in your future. It would give us great pleasure to know about the new institution you have joined and the career you have chosen to pursue.
We request you to fill in the Online Registration Form at the earliest possible to enable us to conduct a survey regarding placement of our students.
You are cordially invited to be enrolled as a member of the SJS Alumni Association and look forward to the keep in touch.


To help alumni maintain bonds so that they can cherish one of their purest friendships for life.
To enable intra alumni connections for the growth and development of the alumni network.
To promote a constructive dialogue through appropriate forums between all stakeholders that benefits the institute, students, alumni and the greater community.
To help foster a spirit of loyalty and involvement among alumni for a life long relationship with the school.


To create a dedicated and enthusiastic global community of St. John’s School Alumni who are connected & engaged with their alma mater and their peers in a mutually beneficial relationship
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