Middle School (VI TO VIII) 

Middle school comprises of classes VI to VIII lays the solid platform on which academic delivery is focused .The middle years are a period of transition – cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically.  The subject horizons widen. They also gain greater knowledge, deeper understanding, and principles. Their abilities are channelized appropriately to enable them as responsive and motivated students through dynamic success oriented program, empowering students with a global perspective.
The core curriculum includes English as 1st language, Hindi as 2nd language, Sankrit as 3rd language, Math, Science, Social Science, Computer Science.Apart from Scholastic areas co-scholastic areas like Life Skills,Scientific,Aesthetic skills, Performing Arts and Craft, Health and Physical Education enrich the students overall personality. A conscious effort is taken to expose students to a plethora of activities. Learning programs i designed to meet
these developmental needs of young adolescents and we offer a holistic program which encourages independence, collaboration and responsibility.
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